Monday, July 02, 2007

attempted data theft

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Earlier today KAZU in Monterey, Calif. received a suspicious e-mail with anattached invoice from a firm claiming to be a vendor. In fact, we have no record of dealing with this firm--Beckman Instruments which is a legitimate company located in Fullerton, CA.

According to a blog entry I found at PC World magazine( the attachment KAZU Development Director Doug McKnight wisely chose to leave unopened is a sophisticated piece of malware that's quite effective at creating an ongoing HTTP path for harvesting data. We share this with the list because, unlike the usual clumsy and obvious phising attempts we all receive every day, this message was carefully directed and may be consistent with an attempt to ply data from pubcasters.

The subject line on the suspect message was: Subject: FW: Proforma Invoice (Attn: Douglas McKnight - Director ofDevelopment) [30e034fb3cf2230048e84aed041b6106] FWIW.

Duncan Lively General Manager 90.3 KAZU, NPR for the Monterey Bay Area