Thursday, March 11, 2010

Digging my way back up and out.

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While the weather's bad, I've been studying radio production, listening to independent producers' programs to analyze what works in documentary production, reading product reviews of various hard and software.

I just settled down to watch this video of a lecture by Jay Allison, one of my heroes, at Univ. of Mich.

[quote]Brought to you by U-M School of Art & Design.
Thursday, March 09, 2006

Jay Allison is an independent broadcast journalist whose work airs on NPR's All Things Considered and Morning Edition, PRI's This American Life, ABC News' Nightline, and other national programs. He is now heard weekly on NPR as the curator and co-producer of This I Believe.

In partnership with the Knight Wallace Fellows Program.[/quote]

. . . when I had this overwhelming sense of guilt for not trying hard enough to produce radio. Jay's still being introduced by an elf like woman I don't know, but the crowd likes, so I pause the vid to come here, because I've had a revelation about that.

It's cold. I have no vehicle. It's difficult to get out of this rural neighborhood in which I live. Even if I interviewed people here, most aren't here during the day and I don't know them.

I need to be using this cold weather time to study production skills, listen to productions, gestate ideas and research them.

When it warms up, I can take my gasoline powered bike out and drive around. I can take the train to Albuquerque and even Santa Fe.

Right now, I need to be planning my productions. I can write scripts and outlines. I can research. I can make phone calls and send email. Then, when the weather's warm, all I need to do is gather sound to edit at home.

There is nothing about which I need feel guilty.