Monday, February 14, 2011

To The Homelessness Marathon on facebook

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Note: I need to put that broadcast up on prx.

Here's what I wrote to the Homeless Marathon:

I produced for you one year on KUNM. I was treated like crap and my program was sabotaged by the chief engineer, the production manager and the program director, who each did everything HE could to make the broadcast unnecessarily stressful, inconvenient and terrifying.  It was my first ever live broadcast, and it was national! Examples include, but are not limited to: seating me in the studio facing AWAY from the window to the control room and waiting until only a few days before the broadcast to FINALLY borrow that thing you needed for us to connect to you in real time. I think it's called a telos?

I think it's because I called my hour, "Kicked Out Queers," and invited homeless LGBTQI people to come to the station. I also got them some "swag:" sheets, toiletries, food, shirts . . . donated by local businesses, for which I was chastised.

The station had "no budget" from their underwriters to buy a few pizzas and soda pop for my guests, who would be out in the middle of a cold, February night, to volunteer for the broadcast. I was told, "we won't be able to give them any food to take home," to which I replied, "They HAVE no homes!" The program director told the volunteer coordinator he no longer wanted to work with me because I am "crazy," a slur against people with behavioral health challenges; he knows I have brain injuries.

The program director had put out on our email list that we could broadcast for you and asked for volunteers. NOBODY ELSE wanted to do it. I jumped at it!

I'm very proud of that broadcast. Your people told me it was the first time anybody did an hour on that subject. And we ended it with that song that STILL makes me cry, "Rainbow Connection."