Saturday, July 26, 2008

rebroadcast "Pueblo Revolt" drama ASAP

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There's a trememdous local interest in Don Onate, since PBS broadcast
"The Last Warrior," about the world's largest equestrian statue,
erected in El Paso, TX. The "In Focus" show on KNME last night was a
town forum on the Acoma, the Pueblo Revolt and issues of class, race,
history, art and culture.

Onate was a bona fide criminal, as documented by the SPANISH,
themselves. Why is such a HUGE statue "representing" that part of New
Mexican history, of which most of our citizens are unaware?

We produced the radio theater drama, "This Miserable Kingdom," a
fictionalized account of the Pueblo Revolt. It was followed by a 1
hour panel discussion with historians who've studied the largest
Native rebellion in the contiguous United States. The acting was
wonderful; the direction and production were of the highest calibre.
The feedback was extremely supportive

It was a live, national broadcast (aired on AIROS stations), with
foley and prerecorded sound effects, with a rather large, professional
and multicultural cast, including children. It was rehearsed for WEEKS
before air.

The ONLY reason this drama was hustled into a back corner was because
a tiny, bur STRIDENT group of "Hispanics" decided the Pueblo Revolt
was the equivelent of 911 and complained to high heavens about it: the
best press the radio drama could have had. These people are officially
represented by people who tell Native people to "just get over it."

They complained SO loudly that the Pueblo Cultural Center's director
backed out of an agreement to let us broadcast from there! It's a
drama about their own history: fully, historically researched for
accuracy, backed by an academic discussion that verified every aspect!
We made the papers.

We need to rebroadcast "This Miserable Kingdom" IMMEDIATELY! Public
interest in this seldom-taught and extremely noteable part of New
Mexican history has revived. KUNM BEGAN this discussion wth "This
Miserable Kingdom!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

no respect

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PLEASE, take flame wars off list!

Take it to General Meeting, Radio Board, Board of Regents, Board of
Bored White Guys, Whatever!

NOBODY who volunteers or is paid at KUNM is ever fully appreciated,
respected or thanked. Some aren't even acknowledged as humans! Morale
sucks and many seem to think their own needs outweigh the needs for

Everybody feels rectally probed, from Richard Towne to the maintanance staff.

Nobody has privacy or a place to play, exercise or let off steam. It's
a radio station, not a national park.

Hell, I was told I could no longer use the (pre-rennovation) VOLUNTEER
ROOM computer to research news stories because a staff member didn't
like having to see me when she came in for a cup of coffee! There
weren't enough computers in the newsroom, and it was too chaotic
(under a previous news "director") for me to concentrate. I was left
with no place to produce news for the news dept.!

Nobody has chairs, access to the copier, staplers, or anything else
they need without unlocking fifty million locks, wandering from office
to office to beg or filing requests to UNM in gazilliplicate. The only
thing efficient about a university radio station, apparantly, is we
always have toilet paper. I'm not even sure about THAT!

The station's off limits to ALL of us, because a few sociopathic thugs
steal and break everything that isn't locked down.

Most kids -- and adults -- on the planet are working every morning for
subsistance wages or as slave labor. Nobody ever thanks them. They
don't have electricity to plug in a tv. This includes a LOT of people
in New Mexico.

See quote in my signature, below.

Rogi Riverstone
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"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never
stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and
neither do we."
-- President George W. Bush, August 5, 2004.