Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Albuquerque Radio Theatre schedule for October

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Radio Theater sched for Oct 04

Radio Theater Zounds copy for October, 2004

Format for Zounds
Date: September 11, 2004

�Please submit to maryb@kunm.org

October 3, 2004
10:30 p.m. Radio Theater �� "This Miserable Kingdom."� A re-broadcast of the radio play by Marc Calderwood about the The Pueblo Revolt of 1680, originally broadcast as a special on August 8, 2004.� Directed by Reiko Yazzie, the cast includes: Kelly Byars as Warrior Two, Adam King as Domingo and Warrior One, Crash Love Dog as Father Rodrigo Diaz and the Guard, Joe P. Martinez as Fray Alonso,�
Francis Montoya as Po-pay, Sabrina Moreno as the Young Marka in 1675, Patrick W. Chavez as Governor Otermin, Ziggy Chavez as the Young Rodrigo in 1675, Mateo Sarria as the teenaged Rodrigo in 1680, Joe Wessely as Governor Malacate and Warrior Three, Aaron Work as Nichol�s, Sabina Zuniga-Varela as the teenaged Marka in 1680.� Guitar and flute performed by Casey Mraz and Valerie Mainville.� Sound Design by Rachel Kaub, with Bryant Bancroft.� Sabina Zuniga-Varela was our Foley Artist.� Script Consultants included David Dunaway, Joe Sando, John Kessell and Joseph Sanchez.� Engineering by Todd Lovato, Ethan Stein and Rachel Kaub.� Production Support by Andy Bornstein, Rogi Riverstone, A'Lan Danmar and Sarah Maxwell.� Our Production Director was Rachel Kaub.� For a bibliography, listing materials referenced by Mr. Calderwood in writing this drama, please email artatunm.edu .

October 10,� 2004
10:30 p.m. Radio Theater �� "Rhythm."�� In this drama, Jim Kinkaid, " the strain seeker,"
uncovers a mysterious laboratory hidden at the bottom of Utah's Bryce Canyon where
an experimental factory is staffed by some unexpected assembly line workers.�� We conclude tonight's presentation with Episodo 4 of� the sci-fi cliffhanger radio serial, "Patch and Click."�

October 17, 2004�
10:30 p.m. Radio Theater �� "Plunder of the Sun."� This authentic old-time radio theater
drama written by David Dodge (author of "To Catch a Thief?) , originally aired on "Escape
Theater" in 1949.� It was made available to Radio Theater by the author's daughter and executor
Kendal Dodge Butler.� This is followed by the continuation of the "Patch and Click" serial, episode 5.

October 24, 2004
10:30 p.m. Radio Theater.� "The First Goodbye," A kid who reads too much daydreams his
way into a Raymond Chandler-styled world...but the lessons of sharing, cooperation and looking
both ways before you cross a street after a bad guy, keep interfering with his fantasies.� And now the concluding episode of �"Patch and Click."

October 31, 2004
10:30 p.m. Radio Theater.� "The Field,"� a Southwestern ghost story, followed by a series of
improvisational sketches from Offramp, one of which gives us new insight about how ghosts earn
their living in a small New England town.

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