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One can find info on this "auction" at

I was horrified and wrote this:

Seems Goodman has also agreed to "Preferred" seating, with reservations, to her lecture for KUNM volunteers. Well, a dinner conversation is different than a lecture. We don't get to interact; we just get to listen, closer than the rest of the thundering herd.

It's not ok to exclude the majority.

E-mail message

From: (Rogi�Riverstone)
Date: Tue, Apr 5, 2005, 4:26am
Subject: Re: [KUNMIDEAS-L] KUNM Benefit Online Auction with Amy Goodman

"The minimum bid for the KUNM auction is $125.00. If you make a generous contribution of $1,000 we will automatically reserve a seat at the table for you, with no other bid required."

These "twenty, lucky winners" aren't lucky, at all; they're privileged. Period.

Volunteers come to KUNM and toil tirelessly to keep COMMUNITY radio on the air. Those contributions are, in my opinion, taken for granted by staff, whose salaries come, in large part, from the hard work of volunteers.

Not ONE seat at this table is reserved for volunteers. MANY of us are low income, and could NEVER afford a seat at that table.

"Whatsoever you do to the least of these, that you do also unto me." -- Jesus

Thank you, one, more time, for the respect and dignity we volunteers deserve as the backbone of the station: a station which, more and more, reflects the privileged and not the COMMUNITY from which it comes.

That Amy Goodman agreed to this speaks volumes as well.

This is community radio; it is not a country club. Nor is it a college fraternity.

Thank you,
Rogi Riverstone

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