Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what I'm up to at KGLP

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 The part of KY Bettina's in is truly luscious. I'm afraid she was there a smidge too early to see the real festival nature puts on: red buds, dog wood, lilacs, wild violets. But she beat the smothering humidity of summer, so that's a good thing It's very like the rain forests I was in in Chiapas, except shorter. The world is a constantly rotting and sprouting soup.

Rachel is loving that station. She's scared about money. The NPR funding bill is hurting all of us in community and public radio. Whether the Senate passes, and the President signs it into law is not the point. It hurts. On a very, VERY profound level, it hurts us personally. I'm a member of AIR: Association of Independents in Radio. A lot of my chums on the email list are NPR reporters. We barely even speak of it anymore. We did, during that Juan Williams kerfuffle, but with that pathetic O'Keefe tape, that Glenn Beck's website even says is shoddy, manipulatively edited and without merit, followed by the "emergency" bill to cut funding to NPR, something very resigned and sad has happened to the independents. And we don't talk about it anymore. I want to hug them all and thank them all. You know, independent producers make next to nothing. Even NPR reporters have to work SO HARD to complete a story by NPR's very demanding standards that it really doesn't pay much.

So, Rachel's making sure the equipment is right, putting out her first station newsletter...which quotes MY letter to Independent producers here: and getting ready for the Spring Fund Drive.

KGLP now has a FaceBook page, thanks to me. And I keep it fat with news stories, not just from the usual suspects like NPR or PRI or even Pacifica and FSRN, but Queer, Latino, Native, poverty, homeless, spoken word...... radio from my independent friends. It's my hope that soon, everybody in Gallup will come to that FaceBook page, for everything from weather and the local Drag Queen Ball to passive solar and innovations in programs for the homeless. The mayor's wife joined yesterday and "liked' my post on Elizabeth Taylor (who died today), where I quoted her:

is no gay agenda, it’s a human agenda,...Why shouldn’t gay people be
able to live as open and freely as everybody else? What it comes down
to, ultimately, is love. How can anything bad come out of love? The bad
stuff comes out of mistrust, misunderstanding and, God knows, from hate
...and from ignorance.”-Elizabeth Taylor
In fact, I got more "likes" for that one quote than for anything else I've posted yet. The FaceBook page is only a week old, not well promoted yet, but has 20 "fans," including "Abmer Yokum," a rabid Tea Parody shill (whom I suspect is paid to rouse rabble), who flounced in one day, calling KGLP and NPR "Marxists," because KGLP airs Amy Goodman (whom I, personally, can't abide. It's old school chicken little reporting: the sky is falling, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it but be pissed off and paranoid. I stopped listening, except when people post snips on particular topics, years ago). Well, Yokum stirred up a little discussion in which I, as the Administrator, calmly and politely told him NPR has nothing to do with Goodman. He screamed and ranted a bit more. A Navajo dude who's on the KGLP board, flat out called him a fascist and a Taliban. I went back in as Rogi and just asked him what the hell was WRONG with him, he'd been told four times NPR and Goodman are not associated. Rachel got a kick out of that one. When I'm KGLP, I'm very formal. Even when I'm Rogi, ANYWHERE on facebook, I try very hard not to be rude, use inappropriate language or let people know what horses' asses I secretly think they are! hee hee.

A little trans person, Allison Wonderland, sent me a private message. She wants to do Youth Radio and volunteered in her high school, so I told Rachel. I think it would be SO COOL if Rachel had a little foster daughter! I feel Allison's joining the FaceBook page is my greatest achievement of all. It's very hard to be Queer in Gallup, especially if you're Navajo, even with Renaldo and Gallup Pride and all.

So, I got this idea. FaceBook is ok for little announcements, but it doesn't facilitate larger articles, of a page or more. Facebook limits original postings to small paragraphs, although there is no limit to comments. But what if we want to post something longer, with mixed media, like audio, video or photos? So, I up and started the KGLPfm BLOG go look. I'm SOOO proud of it. And there's a picture of Rachel, too.

As administrators on FaceBook, Rachel and I both receive emails when someone posts to the page. So she's very impressed to see so many notices I've posted there. And she loves the blog and the photos. So, she emailed me today and said, If I'll keep up the internet work, she'll pay me $50/month and take it off my house trailer payments! So, starting in April, I pay $50/month for my house! She's not sure she can afford it, and she's awful worried about money, but she's going to try.

And, I liked the way the KGLP blog looked so much, I'm redesigning all my blogs, too. And then, I'm beefing up my website, adding audio, etc. It will have neighborhoods: writing, audio, arts, goofy stuff, etc., instead of a mishmash all over the front page. It'll still be a circus, but better organized.

I need to start selling some damn radio and I need to take my own stuff seriously.

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