Sunday, August 15, 2004

Albuquerque Radio Theatre for September

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September 5, 2004
10:30 p.m. Radio Theater – "Outsource" – Popular shoe and clothing
labels have much of their merchandise produced
by other companies, nearly all based in developing countries, with the
actual work performed in still other
developing companies. This radio drama from Davis Radio
Theater Project at UC, Davis, deals with maquiladora workers in the
central Mexican city of Atlixco. Next week,
KUNM will air Davis Radio Theater's follow-up version of
this production in Spanish (and a little Nahuatl). The cast
includes Laura Martinez, Horacio Corro, Janie Venom, Monica
Sandoval-Perez, Veronica Cardenas, Antonio Sarabia, Kathy Boler and
Angelica Estrada.
September 12, 2004
10:30 p.m. Radio Theater – "Outsource" – This week
present the Spanish version of the Davis Radio Theater's
audiodrama about issues of globalization and labor problems
in the maquilidoras. See September 5 listing above.
September 19, 2004
10:30 p.m. Radio Theater – "Cold Shoulder" A winner
the 2001 National Audio Theater Festival scriptwriting contest,
this piece is a surreal love story about former lovers, an audio
book, and a blizzard. It was written by Matt Griffin and features
actor Simon Jones of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."
Staying in the surrealist science fiction vein, the second half
of the program will introduce you to "Patch and Click,"
the first installment of an original six-part cliffhanger radio
serial from Soundstage at Tampa's community radio station
WMNF. In this series, humans are patching their spinal
cords into the cyberstream, and cyberenhanced talking animals are
fighting for their rights (Patch is a woman;
Click is a ferret!) Written and directed by Ed
September 26, 2004
10:30 p.m. Radio Theater – "Patch and Click (episodes 2 and 3) – Our
science fiction comedy radio serial continues.
See the September 19th listing above.

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