Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Dear Harry

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Dear Harry,

It's the basic multiple sclerosis stuff: weakness, numbness,
semiblindness at times...blah blah.

I'm volunteering at the local community radio station now. I'm earning a
LITTLE money on the side, as an independent radio producer.

I have fallen so deeply in love with the most remarkable woman. I've never met a person like her before in
my life. And we got so deep, so quickly. She's perfect for me.

I volunteer with Food Not Bombs on Sundays. So, by Sunday night, I'm
pretty well dead and need to sleep. Plus, Ira Glass's "This American
Life" comes on during chat, and I listen verrrrry carefully, as I'm
producing a segment to submit to them. I'm hoping to become a regular on
the show. And it pays REAL good!

I really appreciate your support, Harry.

Now, about your music. I deferred my dreams for twenty years. I've been
supposed to be in radio the whole time. I've been sick and miserable
most of that time and really discouraged. It's like somene cut off one
of my legs.

Since I've taken the baby steps to get back into broadcasting, the whole
world has opened back up to me. I'm not only in love, I have support
from seasoned veterans, who throw jobs at me, loan me equipment, tutor
me, edit me and encourage me all the time.

I don't know if music is like radio, but I'll tell you: there's nothing
like the support of real professionals, who treat you as an equal, to
make you feel sane and focussed.

So, I'd start on those keyboards, if I were you, Harry. You obviously
have serious talent. And talent is nothing we do; it's a gift. I believe
in using all possible resources, including gifts of talent, to make the
world a saner place.

And if we ever needed talented people making things more sane, it's now!

Go over to my domain; look under "Rogi Riverstone on KUNMfm," and listen
to some of my stories.

I LOVE doing my talent! It's scary and disorienting, frustrating and
discouraging at times, but it's the BEST medicine for my soul!

I'll try to pop in to chat after August 8th. Our Radio Theatre group has
a live broadcast of a drama about the Pueblo Revolt that day, on the
324th anniversary of the day the Pueblo Natives told the Spanish to cram
it. I ain't missin' that for the world! Especially since it pissed off a
group of local "Hispanics," who are calling it "racist!" LOL Hey, free
publicity, right? Plus, we made the FRONT PAGE of the Albq. Journal, the
evening news, and at least one free press rag in town! Yay! The script
writer's sending those "Hispanics" a thank you note! LOL

See you soon!

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