Tuesday, January 11, 2005

where's da broadcast?

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KNME, our local PBS station, shares our transmission tower. Well, at three days' notice, they've informed us they'll be knocking us off air from midnight to 5am all week.

Our volunteer coordinator is madly riding her bike all over town, locating late night broadcasters who don't have phone and email, informing them they don't need to come in.

At 6:38 this morning, our poor station STILL didn't have a signal!

Our Chief Engineer posted the following in our email list:

Dear Boss,

I like 1.6 million other New Mexicans will be late to work today due to the failure of radio station KUNM to wake me up. �Please note that KUNM was off the air until
6:33 AM and therefore I am running an hour and a half late.

Please don't blame KUNM as they have no control over the situation and are at the mercy of KNME-TV who held the FM station at bay until after 6:30.

Should you have any questions concerning my lateness, please contact Ted Garcia or James Gale, KNME-TV, (505) 277-2121.

I'd like to avoid being tardy again, but you should expect this from me as KUNM will be off the air again over the next three nights.


Joe Employee

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