Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Women's International News Gathering

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Dear WINGS contributing producers:

I am opening a new email for WINGS producers to write to me. It is wingsproducers@yahoo.com. Using this email will keep your messages from bouncing when the wings@wings.org email box is full, and will make it easier for me to keep track of our correspondence.

WINGS is also going to try something different this year, which is a discussion list for WINGS producers.
Soon you will get an invitation from yahoo asking you to join the wingsproducers@yahoogroups.com listserve. � Please respond to it if you are willing to receive email from this list.

The 40 producers I am inviting work in 16 countries. Almost all of you have had a piece appear in WINGS in the past two years. A few have pieces that are pending or have proposed ideas that I feel confident you can complete.

The reason I am creating this listserve, is that I feel it is not good for just me to be the only person at WINGS who is in touch with all of you. Using this list, you can help set priorities, share ideas and leads, and pressure me to do my job of coordinating better. My hope is that we will develop a sense of community around being active in WINGS.

Only members will be able to send messages to this list, or receive messages from it. If you feel there are too many messages, I will change it to be "moderated," so that messages for the whole list only come through me.

If you have a yahoo.com email account, you will also be able to see things posted to the web for this group. There should be enough room for pictures and audio. Right now, we have 250 megs of space, which is equivalent to about 10 half-hours of mp3 sound. � It is possible to purchase more space.

If you do not have a yahoo.com email account, you can receive emails but not see what is posted on the web. I believe you can register to get a free yahoo email account, at www.yahoo.com. Let me know if you change your email.

You can write to just me at wingsproducers@yahoo.com. The email for the whole list will be wingsproducers@yahoogroups.com.

Hoping to see you together online.

Frieda Werden, Producer,
WINGS: Women's International News Gathering Service,
Box 95090, Kingsgate
Vancouver BC V5T 4T8

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