Monday, May 05, 2008


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What a wonderful program. The opening montage was stunning. Great interviews followed. Thanks so much for bringing voices that are virtually never heard onto the radio.

I hope you'll want to re-shape this slightly for national broadcast. I'd be willing to offer you some guidence on that so when you/KUNM put it up on Public Radio Exchange, it will have its best chance to be picked up by other stations. Briefly - if you're interested - that would mean inserting national brain injury hotline numbers in place of NM's. Some stations - that play NPR newscasts hourly - require a 53 minute version. Although I'm sure editing out 6 more minutes would be excrutiating, it could be worth it to get a station like KUOW in Seattle to pick it up. They only use 53 minute shows. Anyway, we can talk later this week if you have questions/energy for that.

But in any case, again, just a triumph for you on this one! I insist that you/KUNM enter it for an AP Documentary Award next year.



Paul Ingles
Independent Producer

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