Monday, May 05, 2008

Paul Ingles, to KUNM volunteers' "Ideas List"

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I'd like to chime in on this too. I think Rogi's program this morning was a stellar example of what public radio is supposed to do, which is to give voice to those whose voices are ignored.

Giving someone access to the microphone is worthy in itself, but to shape such an engaging, artful and emotional hour of radio listening is another thing. Rogi really took it to that level.

And having done this myself for a longggg time now, I know how much work went into the montage that led off her program. It's not easy to pull off so well. It was a tremendous achievement.

If you missed it, go out of your way to hear it online whenever KUNM posts it. Congrats Rogi! Extremely well done!


Paul Ingles
Independent Producer

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