Monday, May 05, 2008

from Ralph Shields

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Dear All,

I don't usually "toot my own horn" but I and several others will be part of a Public Radio program about Brain Injury that was produced by Rogi Riverstone (also a person living with BI) locally at KUNM fm (see below). For those of you who do not have access to the Albuquerque channel you may access it via Internet on their web site.

The program has already been accepted other stations so that it will most likely be aired nationally.

If anyone in the Albuquerque Metro area is interested in joining Rogi in a disability network program - advocacy group, please contact her directly... it sounds like a great way to get our words out to the public and participate with others.



-- "Rogi Riverstone"

"Brainstorm" is an experience of brain injury, produced by Rogi

Riverstone of People with Disabilities Powered Radio

It will be airing on KUNMfm on Sunday, May 4 at 11am.

Tune in! Different frequencies in different parts of New Mexico, and

you can listen on line.

Dear Glenn and Rogi,

I thank you and wish you both great success with your broadcast --- and thank you for the "heads up!"
Have been trying to enlarge your listener base, but ran into a snag with AOL.
You might want to be aware that the link for Rogi's blog (the domain --- not your particular blog) is apparently on an AOL block list.
I sent this notice to a number of contacts around the country last night, and could not get it to go through to any AOL or Compuserve address --- thought they might be blocking my (hotmail) address, but had same result trying to send via gmail --- so called the AOL postmaster this morning and they had me forward the message to them so they could check the included URLS.
The link to your blog killed it --- thought you should know.
Best regards ~ RWS
Ralph William Shields

The info re: the blog is very discouraging. However, if any of you &
your friends would like to be added to the People With Disabilities
Radio email list, just let me know. Our next meeting will be Tues, May
6 at 4 pm in the Conerence Room at KUNM.

Call 277-4516 for more info.

Wow !!!
Rogi, thank you so very much. Glenn, thank you so much --- for your intimate and intelligent sharing on the broadcast, for your commitment to our community, and for alerting me about the broadcast. Thanks to Ken, for introducing me to Glenn.
To each individual who spoke and shared their stories, and to everyone involved in producing the show, thank you.
I just left a rambling message at KUNM to thank you and tell you that your program today was perhaps the best presentation about what it is like to be a person learning to live with a brain injury that this one has heard in his twenty-plus years as a member of the "club" --- and I've seen, heard, facilitated and/or participated in many --- from local support groups to national conferences --- through nearly twenty years involved with BIANYS, a six-year stint awhile back as a member of the BIA of America board of directors, and through considerable connections with major academic researchers and other BI professionals, and so much more.
Again, wow.
Now, I thank you, Rogi, for your invitation and I'd love to join you to discuss this at your May 6 meeting --- but am afraid the trip from here (Albany, NY) might be a bit much.
I do, as suggested in my rambling message, hope we might discuss possibilities for sharing your broadcast with a larger audience.
Do you have any plans in regard to this? Hope we can connect to consider possibilities, and how I might help you with this.
All for now. Thank you again. Wow!

Best regards ~ RWS
Ralph William Shields

PS --- I did forward the notice about the show to a couple hundred people across the country last night (and the AOL folks this a.m.) --- hope some of them got it in time to tune in --- will let you know about any feedback I might receive.

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