Monday, July 19, 2004

broadcasts of IDC story

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I haven't heard back from WINGS yet. We FTPed the story on Saturday.

National Native News (see link below) will broadcast it tomorrow, 11am, on KUNM. It'll air nationally, too. Check local times.

Now, to start on This American Life.

I'm a bit indimidated, sure. I mean, it's This American Life, for cryin' out loud! Who wouldn't be.

I got the chores and piddly stuff out of the way today, so I can concentrate.

I even spent the last of my Food Stamps, so I won't have to go out, looking for food! I have enough provisions to last the month, or more.

I plan to meditate in the mornings, after my daily 2 trips around the park at dawn. I want my head AND my heart clear, when I start writing. I want this script to be authentic and clean.

No bull crap.

I have only 3 social events planned this week. All are nurturing and loving, in harmony with my work.

I may attend technical rehearsals for "Pueblo Revolt" on Saturday, depending on my energy level and how much script I've written.

I'm being as gentle with myself as I can possibly manage, so I can speak tenderly of what really matters to me, in such a way that TAL will find my messages useful.

I LOVE RADIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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