Thursday, July 15, 2004


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Dear ...,

I've been working on the piece for Women's Focus, NNN and WINGS pretty hard. I have my regions; I'll write my wrap at the dentist's today & voice it this afternoon. Should have it done & in C's mail box tonight or tomorrow.

The subject for TAL I've chosen is, "Most Likely To Succeed." I want to talk about writing, about Marianna, about the distractions of poverty & fear.

This post: got me thinking how I do have something to say about "success," which ain't exactly conventional, y'know?

I don't know how soon you want this. I assume ASAP, as it usually isn't your "style" to "nag," but you're certainly being persistant! LOL

So, I'm getting C's piece done ASAP, so I'll have tomorrow & Saturday to concentrate on writing copy for TAL.

Sunday's going to be physically demanding. I won't be able to work much, I don't think. But, after that, I can concentrate on TAL.

Hope you've had a fine adventure,


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