Monday, July 05, 2004


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State Fair Script: This URL is only temporary. As soon as the client doesn't need to see it anymore, I'll delete it from my server.

This piece was over 5:30 long. I edited it down to 4:45 or so.

With the changes in narration which I've suggested, assuming the client is willing or able to revoice them, the piece would be 4:30, as required.

Otherwise, I can't change anything else.

I got eye strain, from moving from computer to paper script to MSNTV screen all afternoon, working on it.

But, hey, it's kewl.

My client said not to sweat it, but once I get a job, I like to finish it and have it RIGHT! y'know?

ANYWAY, this piece, and a transcription of another show, are finished!

Now, to start working on a National Native News story....

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