Friday, July 16, 2004

email to Damara Paris, President, Intertribal Deaf Council

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To: Damara Paris
Subject: Story's done
Dear Damara,
I'm listening to my copy right now. I took a copy to to be broadcast sometime between noon and 2pm tomorrow. I suspect it'll air at 12 or so, but I'm not sure.
I'm FTPing it to so they can broadcast it before the conference.
This weekend, I'll cut it down from nearly six minutes to 1 1/2 minutes, for National Native News to broadcast, early in the week. I can't remember their URL, but it's linked to near the bottom.
The final long script is here: idc.html and it's different now; refresh it. You may copy the text to your website, if you wish. Just give a link back to if you would. A link back to wouldn't be bad, either! LOL
I have some feedback for you regarding speaking to media for audio. You have an excellent speaking voice. Out of that entire interview, I only had about four, tiny places where I couldn't understand you.
There is one concern I have about volume. In order to record you, I had to set the volume levels rather low. Every once in awhile, for only a word or two, you speak rather loudly. If I had the volume set to "normal" range, these "spikes" would distort the sound, causing static and hurting people's ears. It doesn't happen often, but I had to compensate, because I never knew when it would happen.
I realize your first priorities are to deaf and hard-of-hearing Native peoples. Accommodating nonNative, hearing people is probably not very high on your list.
But you are an EXCELLENT spokesperson to the larger community. I've gotten VERY enthusiastic responses to this story! Several news outlets want to run it. Several reporters and producers found it very interesting, even exciting. And two ordinary radio listeners heard it tonight and thought you were wonderful; one was a Native woman.  So, you have generated a great deal of interest in IDC.
I suggest you get a VU meter. It shows you how loud a sound is. If you do more interviews, and I suspect you will, you can see on the screen how high the sound waves get when you're speaking.
Damara, it's been a real pleasure for me to present this story. Stories like the IDC Conference are why I do radio: to get people out of their "ordinary" thinking and begin seeing that not everybody is like them. I can't tell you how positively people have received this story. And they know they "should" have known about deaf Native people's struggles. That's what "lifelong learning" radio is about. It's what I'm about.
It wouldn't have happened without you. You're a real treasure, and it was fun to work with you.
You should have seen people's faces, when I told them I interviewed a deaf woman for a radio news story! Blew their minds. I just smiled.
So, my dear, you are a radio star! LOL Tell them THAT at the Conference!
Thanks for your time, knowledge and heart,
Rogi Riverstone

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