Monday, July 12, 2004

Edit's done

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I get paid by the client on Friday. He was very happy with my work! SO WAS I! I'm a real nit picker, especially with someone else's stuff.

A reporter came by today. She's working on a big piece, for print, and is considering a column, as well. She wants to hire me to transcribe her sound files. She wants me to share a "byline" for a monthly column she's pitching.

She sent me her "stuff," unfinished copy, today for editing and review. I wrote back and told her, this is a damn BOOK! The subject's urgently topical, and very marketable to the Amy Goodman/Charlie Rose crowd! MERCY, she's unearthed some heavy stuff! WOW!

I'm also committing more energy to Radio Theatre at KUNMfm. I volunteered to webster the web site, for one thing. For another, I'm committing to learning radio theatre script writing. I have several ideas for shows.

I've been asked to look over the upcoming episodes of This American Life, to write some copy for one...I can actually address about eight, and am interested in "shove a mic in your face and let you riff." Apparantly, I'm "a good storyteller."

Now, remember: a year ago, I was pushing a cart, through the alleys of Albuquerque, wearing clothes and eating food from the dumpsters!

I'm still wearing the clothes, of course!

Actually, despite all this professional recognition, I don't have enough money to pay next month's rent.

I'm terrified. No WAY I can sell/get paid for enough radio to make the rent by the 3rd of August. Sigh.

It's my bank; they've changed their predatory lending policies...again...and are forcing me not to borrow on the direct deposit of my next Disability check.

My income next month: three hundred. Rent: four twenty-five. Internet: twelve. Phone: twenty five.

So, you see my problem.

I need help.

But I'm ashamed to borrow from my new friends! I'm agonizing over it.

August is my birthday. I may just friggin' pass the hat. I don't know...

This American Life, National Public Radio, National Native News, Free Speech Radio Network, Women's International News Gathering, Public Radio Weekend: and I could STILL end up homeless, just in time for my birthday!


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