Monday, June 14, 2004

The Ear

Oh, boy!

Look what I found: Open Ear.

THIS is what I was talking about, re: hearing and listening!!!


"I hear the soundscape as a language with which places and societies express themselves. In the face of rampant noise pollution, I want to be understanding and caring of this 'language' and how it is 'spoken.' I compose with any sound that the environment offers to the microphones, just as a writer works with all the words that a language provides. It is in the specific ways in which the language is selected, organized, and processed that composition occurs. . . . I like to position the microphone very close to the tiny, quiet, and complex sounds of nature, then amplify and highlight them: to make them audible to the numbed urban ear. Perhaps in that way these natural sounds can be understood as occupying an important place in the soundscape and warrant respect and protection." Hildegard Westerkamp

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