Saturday, June 19, 2004

The FCC Song

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I do not post obscenities in this blog, or any blog, for that matter, if I can help it. So, I won't post a direct link to the SONG, but I'm more than willing to post a link to the PAGE the song is on.

This song circulated through a certain radio station I know, on an email list.

I saw two, very professional, undemonstrative reporters, leaning over a computer, giggling like girls, listening to this song. One emailed the link to me.

Now, it's yours.

NOT for children, George W. Bush (who cusses on MIC, at press conferences, to his veep running mate, about reporters, for cryin' out loud!), Jerry Falwell (who hires ladies of the evening) or others prone to violent, physical reactions to slang words for sexual intercourse, and the like.

I'm thinking of having the lyrics tattooed to my posterior, which should be large enough!

Tell your friends.

But you DIDN'T hear it from me, OK?

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