Monday, June 14, 2004

I'm finally getting excited

You are reading

You are reading

Man, I've worked my butt off today!

Studying radio, I built that friggin' blog! LOL

BUt I have internet crap scattered all over my "favorites," and I want to get it all online, somewhere I don't have to pay for the friggin' BANDWIDTH!

SO, I've been going through all my folders, finding useful stuff.

Thought I'd just post the most useful, first, and start working my way through.

I'm already a member of some of the links on the bottom of the blog, by the way. And I write for 3 of them. That's a nice feeling, y'know? I'd slap them lil logos and links down and feel pretty damn good about my ig'nant self!

Anybody who helps, who has a web site, gets linked. It'll be quite a Rogi's Gallery, in a year or so, if I have that many links already! SHEESH!

I'm a joiner, but I'm also a loner. I'll read the newsletters. But I don't like the potlucks and rubber chicken. Y'know?

I contribute as I can, usually with free publicity in my blogs, websites, etc.

Now, I want to start researching listening to PEOPLE skills.

The more I study radio, the more into it I get. All this digital stuff makes things SO much easier! I can earn a living in my pajamas!

I'm going to turn into Mole Woman, never coming out except to eat!

The resources for indy prod. online are really amazing!

Back in the day, radio was as clunky as any other medium: took years to figure stuff out that is now taking me weeks! Especially editing!

I'm going to be ok.

I stood in my garden this afternoon, watering my wilting sunflowers.

Suddenly, a shock of electricity ran through me. I gasped at the realization that, soon, I'm going to have an indy prod studio, right in my home!

I'm going to MAKE IT!

I'm getting OUT! I'm getting OVER!

I have real support from at least three radio pros, whose opinions matter.

I'm going to produce stuff that is helpful to people!

I'm going to make a...modest...difference!

This is my THING!

And I'm FINALLY on my way!

I thought about my advisor. I thought what an unlikely and impossible thing that I found this person. I didn't ask for help, beyond the normal stuff we all ask each other for, when producing something. And out of the blue, I'm being assisted in a very real, pragmatic way that'll get me earning a living ALMOST the minute the equipment comes in the door!

See why I'm studying so hard??? I wanna be ready to rock & roll, when it gets here. I have a few days' down time, 'til the scooter tires get here, so I'd better get myself organized, with a map, compass, first aid kit and the other basics.

I won't have to ask my advisor for much help, now that I've rummaged the internet resources.


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