Friday, June 25, 2004

Yes, I can still edit!

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My advisor gave me a CD of a mixed down story.

There's a LOT of ambient sound: crowds in a bright building.

I had to cut a minute of the piece.

I'm very proud of my work. I made sure the ambient went seamlessly.

Remember: I couldn't seperate tracks; I had to use it, as is.

There was a particular part, for instance: kid yelling "MOM?" At first, I thought I'd cut it off, and start the part with the subject, talking. But I could still hear the end of, "OM?" and its echoes; didn't sound natural. So I left the little brat in! LOL

There were other bits like that, too.

The bridges are tricky. There's nothing I can do about it, unless the talen wants to rerecord narrative.

But I had to cut a whole segment. If the narrative before the cut doesn't match that after the cut, what do I do?

I cut as carefully as I could.

There is only ONE sentence I'd like the talent to rerecord. But even it, to the casual listener, isn't glaringly obvious.

I've listened and listened and listened to my edit. It sounds totally natural: inhales, crowd mullings....

I called my client and left a message about the edit. Gave him the finished time, etc.

I hope I got the time right. It may actually be about fifteen seconds too SHORT now!

I also previewed the radio show from which I'm to make a transcript for the web site. I think I know what I'll swipe.

Discovered something peculiar: this computer has a "Word" icon, but no "word!" hmmm....

So, I'll have to write the transcript onto a web page on my domain, copy it into my webtv email so I can spell check, and paste it back into a web page to email to my client! bleh.

I can do it. But, if emails get too long, webtv has trouble swallowing them.

But, given what I've seen of other transcripts at the website, the complete transcript shouldn't be TOO long!

IF and I mean "if" I edited his story the way the client wanted, I just made a hundred bucks in just over an hour!


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