Tuesday, June 29, 2004


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I stopped by the station this morning, between errands.

He's "Stretch," because he's SO tall. When I tried to sit in the newsbooth chair to work in the mornings, my legs would go to sleep, it was so high.

So, I'd lower it.

He'd grumble, "there's been a lowrider in here!"

So, we're Stretch and Lowrider.

I've respected Stretch's work as long as I can remember. He's tight; he's professional. Oh, he flubs now and again, sure; it's live radio. But he blithely laughs it off and gets right back to work.

I can always count on Stretch. He's a merciless editor, which I totally love.

The first piece I ever showed him, he tore to shreds.

I said, "well, thanks for editing my copy"

He said, "well, if you didn't WANT it edited, you shouldn't have given it to ME!"

I said, "No, Stretch, I really MEAN it! THANKS!"

He blinked, startled, and grinned.

Stretch is not a particularly affectionate or demonstrative person. In fact, I think he'd be perfectly happy to just do his job and leave, without human contact from anybody.

At first, he thought I was a flake, I think. One day, I heard him comment about me to someone on his cell phone.

After he hung up, I put my chubby fists on my chubby hips and told him who I am and how I deserve respect. One of my pieces of evidence was the fact I was walking three miles a day, round trip, to get to the station at five thirty in the morning, to work while it was still quiet. I explained I didn't have enough money for a patch kit, to repair my scooter tires.

About an hour later, I saw him digging in his bag. He said, "Rogi, come here."

He pulled out his patch kit and handed it to me, without a word.

As soon as I could, I brought him a new one.

Well, I padded down the hall this morning, looking for Stretch. I had no other business at the station; I just wanted to welcome him back from vacation.

I heard stirrings in the newsbooth and poked my head in the door.

"Hi, Stretch! Welcome back!"

He stood, grinning broadly, walked out into the hallway, stretched out his arms and gave me a hug!

Now, I've had hugs from lots of people. Some people are compulsive huggers. Stretch isn't one of those people.

A broadcast journalism award couldn't have met more to me than that hug, and toothy grin, from Stretch!

I've been smiling all morning!

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