Monday, June 28, 2004

Rogi on KUNM

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Rogi Riverstone on KUNMfm

Ok, it still isn't up to my standards, but here's my list of KUNM stories, so far.


Beth said...

Hi Rogi,

I'm so glad you enabled comments on at least on of your sites! I listened to all your posted commentaries this evening and I have to say thank you. No, make that THANK YOU!

I especially enjoy the emotion you put into your pieces. You speak with a simple eloquence and conviction that is difficult for anyone to ignore. (Even those who try to.)

As a handicapped woman, I applaud you for taking on the "Fancy-Schmancy" hotel. I spend a lot of my time in a wheelchair and know first-hand how frustrating and difficult it is to do things and go places in this town. Stairs, curbs, narrow doorways, sharp turns, heavy doors, high shelves. All these things pose difficulties for the disabled. As you discovered, the handicapped toilets are often located across the building, or even on a separate floor.

Let me stop ranting and get on to what I want to say.

Thank you. Thank you for knowing that sexuality is not what makes a person good or bad, for recognising that kids need love and nurturing more than toys, games and $200 sneakers, and for putting a voice to the thoughts and emotions that we all feel. Thank you.

Rogi said...

Thanks, Beth!

I really appreciate it!