Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Story Booth

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Now, I've had a fantasy, since I was a young pipsqueek. It'd be an old bus or camper, outfitted with a b/w darkroom and audio/video equipment. 'course, back when I really WAS a pipsqueek, I imagined 35mm film! But that's another story...

Well, here is the travelling Story Booth: http://storycorps.net/participate/storybooths/. The link was emailed by a friend, when I waxed poetically about my Secret Dream.

I wanted to be Charles Quaralt, Studds Terkel and Jack Keroak...none of whose names I can spell! With a liberal dose of John Steinbeck, of course. And a whole lot of women writers, artists and broadcasters, thrown in to keep it grounded in reality.

I'd love to meander what's left of This Land Is Our Land and collect the flotsam and jetsom of We The People.

I wanted mixed media, so I could provide photos for press releases on my discoveries. And I was hoping for the Ultimate Plumb: a PBS documentary about my adventures, produced by Yours Truly.

As I told my friend, there was also a golden retriever somewhere in that dream.

I thought I might be able to earn a living, even without a grant, documenting people's Special Occasions, along the way: weddings, garage sales, family reunions, building demolitions...whatever.

Of course, I'd have a makeshift movie screen (an old sheet), so I could have Movie Nights, showing them their movies, and charge a couple of dollars per head, to cover my gas and a cheeseburger....

Wish I still had that old Winnebego! Sigh....

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